Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 3 - March 20th

We started off our day with some delicious pancakes and scrambled eggs and then we went to a nearby local park. At the park we split into groups of 4 and researched countries that struggle with immigration such as Syria, Burma, Bhutan, and Somalia. During our research, we learned a lot about the reasons why there are crises in each of these countries. Also, we researched what policies are being implemented to provide aid to the individuals in need. Additionally, we learned about which neighboring countries are providing funds and aid to help with the refugee crisis in each of the countries. After sharing what we learned with each other, we explored the park and an agricultural museum. The highlight of the day was petting patrol horses in their stables. Also, we met a cat named Ms. Kitty, who hates her son. After resting for couple of minutes, we participated in a square dancing class that was held in the church we are staying at. We finished off the night with a nutritious dinner and reflection.

Macda and Arjun out!

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