Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 1 - 8:58 AM

Hello all - 

The team minus one rendezvous'd at Knight Hall, stressed and tired. We loaded the cars with tons of luggage and a well decorated ice cooler containing six trays of pasta, made by AB Nashville's very own Amy and Aastha ;) Soon after, we were on the road and 30 minutes out when suddenly, a thought occurred to Aastha... our van felt one person too short. Who was missing? My fellow blogger tonight, Adriano! A quick laugh later, we gave him a call and it just so happened that he had overslept as well. We turned both vans around and booked it back to UMD where we picked him up and hit the road once again. Along the way, both Adriano and I upgraded to Spotify premium - perhaps one of the better decisions taken today. Separately, we were jamming to good tunes without Chik-fil-a ads interrupting the ~*~*good vibes~*~*~. The vans took a pit stop where we inhaled almost all six trays of pasta. And another pit stop for coffee. And another for a quick bathroom break. And another to switch drivers. And another one gone. And another one gone. And another one bites the dust. Hey! In all seriousness, the large van made several more stops than the minivan. Surprisingly, though, at one point the minivan was reportedly 30 miles behind us. Along the way, Adriano enjoyed some fun conversations with Maggie and Dioni while I learned of Tali's and Val's political ideologies. A few (hundred) hours and radio scans later, we arrived at Christ Lutheran Church - turns out the minivan arrived a whole hour before us! Pizza was for dinner, a deep reflection, and an adventure with an unexpected visitor. Until tomorrow!

Amy and Adriano

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